We proudly present: Josef de Guzman

Josef de Guzman’s career at a large multinational in the Philippines was cut short by his psoriasis outbreak in 1996. His experience as a psoriasis patient then led him on a successful health advocacy path, focusing on epilepsy, cervical cancer, hemophilia and schizophrenia, amongst others. In 2005, Josef formed PsorPhil as an online support group for Filipinos. The group turned into the leading psoriasis organization in the Philippines, with over twenty chapters. Josef also founded PsorAsiaPacific, IFPA’s regional member in Asia. Josef has also mentored other countries in starting up patient organizations and given lectures on the patient perspective at medical congresses in Asia, the EU and the Middle East.

Joint Panel Discussion

Uncovering the unmet needs in psoriatic disease.

Complementary Joint Panel Discussion

10th Year Anniversary of the WHO Resolution- What next?

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