General Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of an application represents a binding agreement for the stand space and rent that are specified in the order confirmation from MCI Copenhagen A/S or in other correspondence from MCI Copenhagen A/S. The stand space must not be occupied until the registration fee and stand rent have been paid in full.
  2. MCI Copenhagen A/S reserves the right to decide which exhibitors are allocated space and how stand space is allocated, as it deems appropriate. The transfer of rented space, in part or in full, is not permitted without the approval of MCI Copenhagen A/S. The cancellation of rented space by an exhibitor does not release the exhibitor from the obligation to pay the rent for the space ordered, nor entitle the exhibitor to repayment of rent that has already been paid.
  3. Exhibitors undertake to read and abide by the “General Terms & Condistions” that are enclosed with the application, as well as all other regulations concerning order and safety, or instructions of a technical nature, that are issued by MCI Copenhagen A/S and are effective at the time.
  4. Only those items that are deemed MCI Copenhagen A/S to be in accordance with the aims of the relevant exhibition, and meet reasonable quality requirements or are deemed suitable in some other way, may be exhibited. If an exhibited item is regarded as failing to meet the specified requirements of MCI Copenhagen A/S, the exhibitor is obliged to remove the item from the stand immediately and at his own cost. Exhibitors are not entitled to partial or full repayment of stand rent that has been paid, nor to receive any compensation from MCI Copenhagen A/S for costs or damages, direct or indirect, that may arise as a result of such a decision by MCI Copenhagen A/S.
  5. Penalty interest will be debited in the event of late payment at a rate of 1.5% per commenced month. An administrative charge of 4% of the invoiced amount, incl. VAT, will be debited for card payments.
  6. The exhibition halls are accessible to exhibitors from the date and time indicated by MCI Copenhagen A/S. All exhibit items shall be fully assembled prior to the opening of the exhibition. Exhibitors are required to accept any changes in the allocated space that circumstances dictate. The space allocated to the exhibitor may not be exceeded either in height or any other dimensions. Exhibitors must abide by any regulations that may be set forth by the State or local authorities. MCI Copenhagen A/S is not liable for costs or damages that may arise in connection herewith.
  7. Exhibitors are reminded of their obligation to ensure that equipment exhibited for the purpose of sale or promotion provides adequate protection against danger to health and the risk of accident or injury.
  8. Exhibitors are obliged to ensure that the space rented to them is kept clean.
  9. All exhibits must be removed from the exhibition area after the closing of the exhibition on the date and time specified by MCI Copenhagen A/S. If this is not done by the specified date MCI Copenhagen A/S is entitled to remove the items at the exhibitor’s own cost and risk.
  1. The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused either by himself or by any of his assistants to the exhibition premises and grounds. The exhibitor is also liable for any other damage arising from the exhibitor’s failure to supervise the space rented by him. MCI Copenhagen A/S is not responsible for the exhibited property. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to secure and maintain the necessary insurance cover that is required to use the exhibition space. MCI Copenhagen A/S is freed from its obligation to meet its part of the agreement and from any obligation to pay compensation if it is unable to fulfil its undertaking, or could only do so at exceptionally high cost, due to events such as riot, war, strike, lock-out, fire, explosion or intervention by a government authority, over which MCI Copenhagen A/S has no control and could not be reasonably expected to foresee.
  1. Any taxes, including VAT, and other surcharges that may be imposed in connection with the exhibitor’s use of the space will be charged to the exhibitor. In those cases where catalogues, databases or other information are compiled (for example for use on the Internet or in printed form) MCI Copenhagen A/S is free from any liability for any errors in such information.
  2. Exhibited objects may not be removed from the exhibition place for the duration of the exhibition. Exhibitors must bear the cost of transport, build-up and dismantling of stands, tents, pavilions, etc., as well as the cost of connection to electricity, water, etc. If any items or waste are left on the stand after the final day for moving out, the venue is entitled to have them removed at the exhibitor’s own cost and risk.
  3. The height must not exceed the height specified by MCI Copenhagen A/S without special reason, and then only in consultation with MCI Copenhagen A/S. Advertisements for other exhibitions or displays are not permitted in the exhibition area. Posters may be affixed only where indicated by MCI Copenhagen A/S.
  4. The liability of MCI Copenhagen A/S to pay damages to exhibitors in connection with the contract is limited to direct damages up to an amount equivalent to the charge for the rented space. MCI Copenhagen A/S is not liable under any circumstances, with the exception of gross negligence, for indirect damages such as loss of profits, expected savings, loss of income or any other general capital damages.
  5. Exhibitors give MCI Copenhagen A/S the right to handle personal details during the processing of applications. The application indicates which information is obligatory. The exhibitor accepts that such information is recorded for the purpose of contracts and administration. (Information may be passed on to external partner companies for use in marketing.)
  6. Political propaganda is not permitted on stands or in any other part of the exhibition area.
  7. All disputes in connection with the interpretation or implementation of this agreement shall be resolved in a Danish court of law. Danish substantive law shall apply.