Information for speakers

Technical specifications and presentation format

  • File format: Microsoft Power Point. The presentation should have the format by 16:9 (due to the size of the screens in the lecture halls).
  • IFPA Conference has a ppt template you are most welcome to use (see below).
  • The 1st PowerPoint slide should contain Title of the Talk, Name and Surname, Affiliation and Session Details. Only the IFPA Conference 2024 template should be used.
  • The 2nd slide should contain a COI (Conflict of Interest). Only the IFPA Conference 2024 template should be used
  • After the two first slides you are welcome to use your own template, should you want to. Only add the IFPA Conference logo (se below) to your template.
  • Presentations must be saved on a USB key. Personal laptops are not allowed.

If you are using your own template, it is strongly recommended that you use a clear font and an appropriate font size. Additionally, if you do not wish to have the content of your slides photographed, please note this, at the start of your presentation or on specific slides.

Please name your presentation file as follows:
Day_time_program (main or complementary program) _ your full name.pptx. For example: Thurs_10.30_MainProgram_Adam_Smith.pptx. or Friday_11:15_CompProgram_Jane_Doe

The file size should not exceed 2 GB.

Film: If you have a link to a film in your presentation, you need to create a folder which has the same name as the presentation. Place both the film and your presentation in this folder. Please check that the link to the presentation works.

Kindly hand in your USB key with your presentation – no later than 4 hours prior to the session – to the technical staff in the speakers’ preview room onsite. The speakers’ preview room is open to assist presenters at the conference: scientific program, complementary program or satellite symposia.

Presenters’ room and Speakers preview room

There will be a presenter’s room onsite on level 3 room 37, should you wish to meet with fellow session colleagues to discuss the talk before your talk .

The room will also be for speakers preview. Technical staff will be available during these hours:

  • Wednesday, June 26 15:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday, June 27 07.30 – 16.00
  • Friday, June 28 07.30 – 16.00
  • Saturday, June 29 07.30 – 13.30

If you wish to send your final presentation in advance this can be uploaded to:

If you have any questions on the presentation, please contact:
Johan Thellman
phone: +46 8 5050 6730

Interaction with the audience

The audience will have the ability to ask questions to the speakers via a smartphone or tablet using the conference app. The questions will be sent to the session chairs, who will then choose the questions they believe would be of most interest to the audience. The questions will not appear on the overhead screens, they will be addressed to you verbally by the session chairs.

The chair or moderators will encourage the audience to answer the questions with their smartphones or tablets- please let us know if you would like to interact with the audience.

Before your presentation

We ask that you please make your way down to the first row in the auditorium at least 10 minutes before your presentation starts, so that our technical staff can set you up with the microphone/headset. There will be a special row reserved for the speakers.

On-site registration and badges

Registration opens at 16.00 on June 26 in the foyer/main entrance of Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. There will be a registration desk where you will receive your badge.

Registration will be open during the following hours:

  • Wednesday, June 26 16.00 – 18.00
  • Thursday, June 27 08.00 – 17.00
  • Friday, June 28 07.30 – 17.00
  • Saturday, June 29 07.30 – 15.30

Social program

See more information in the invitation